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Psychic Medium and Healer

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My name is Katherine Cheesman and I am a Psychic Medium and Healer. I carry out Readings, Spirit Readings, Healing, Reiki Teaching and Dream Interpretation.

I have always been a very sensitive person, who thinks about things very deeply, with a strong ability to empathise with others. I had certain insights as a child, but most of the time I thought nothing of it, as it was not something that was really spoken about in my upbringing. My spiritual journey started when I decided to try a Reiki taster session for the first time. I was drawn to learn Reiki for myself, as it occurred to me how powerful it could be to self heal. Healing opens the mind, body and spirit, and I began to sense alot more around me. As time went on, my ability to draw cards accurately for friends and family, was becoming apparent.


I have always had an interest in Spirituality and when I realised I could connect to spirit, it awakened a passion within me that I had no choice but to follow. This has become who I am and I have dedicated my time, building on my connection to spirit, learning how to work with them, to help others in the best possible way. I have the clair senses including claircognizance; the ability to just know without question.


In my past occupations, I naturally gravitated towards helping others. I have previously worked in Mental Health and End of Life Care. These experiences shaped me, and brought me to where I am today. Spiritual guidance and healing can bring such peace and relief to those who are looking for a deeper reason and meaning to life. We can't always see clearly where we need to go or what is stopping us from moving forward, and this is where I feel spiritual guidance and healing really comes into its own.

I have a deep love for what I do and I believe this work was meant for me all along. My experiences in life have left me with a deep compassion and care for people. I am fully insured and always strive to create a safe for my clients, whether at my home, or remotely.


I am truly grateful to all those who have supported me, and my lessons in life, which continually help me to learn and grow.

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