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(Over 18's Only)

In life, sometimes we can become lost and need a little guidance. We can become so stuck in living in an 'unconscious' state, unaware of ourselves and everything around us. This makes it difficult to see a way forwards as we are out of touch with our own inner wisdom.

I use Tarot cards as a tool, so that I can connect and relay guidance from spirit, as well as my own mediumship skills, to help to guide others.

I am predominantly a Clairsentient Medium; the gift of sensing emotions. However, all other senses come to the fore, at various points during the reading.

Any subjects can be covered during a reading. Whether it is based around career, relationships, spirituality etc. Perhaps a vague memory from the past, a traumatic event or a strange experience needs to be revisited, to understand it more and release it from your energy.

In the spirit world, timing is fluid. Readings can be about the past, present or the future.

Readings can provide you with answers, clarity and guidance on any area in your life.

As a psychic medium, I can experience; words, thoughts, emotions, images, smells, tastes and sounds during a reading. I link in with the person's energy, which helps me to give a deeply insightful reading. 

I also offer spirit readings, where I connect in with a loved one. I am able to use psychometry; the ability to feel a persons energy through objects associated with them.


Spirit give you the message that you need to hear the most, which may be different to what you want to hear. It helps to stay relaxed and receptive during the reading. The messages that come through, are there to guide you towards the best path for you, if you wish to follow it. 

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